Will You Make Three Calls a Month to Stop Campus Sexual Assault?

Will You Make Three Calls a Month to Stop Campus Sexual Assault?

Among the community chapters of Keep Her Safe, the power of parents to stop campus sexual assault is coming to light. These parents are joining together to target the area colleges and universities where their children are likely to apply. They are empowered to make their daughters safer from sexual assault, and to make their sons allies in solving the problem of violence against women.

Keep Her Safe is organizing parent activists to get the attention of school administrators when they demand that colleges and universities create and implement prevention practices to effectively prevent campus sexual assault. The three-step process that Keep Her Safe has created is easy and quick enough to fit into the busiest schedule while making a big impact.

Parents within a community decide which three colleges or universities to target during a month. These are typically the ones the majority of area students apply to, and often the largest schools in the state, which is great because it affects the most students.

Parents are empowered with this three-step process:

  1. Parents call the admissions offices of the three target schools and deliver the Keep Her Safe survey, which includes the question “What is being done to prevent campus sexual assault?”
  1. They return their data and observations to Keep Her Safe.
  1. Keep Her Safe sends letters to key administrators on behalf of the parent group to inform them of the parents’ findings and concerns, and to request that the school implement prevention practices that work.

When making these calls, parents can learn much about the school and get other questions answered too. The process can be fun, as parents learn about the school their child may apply to.

Work in your own community to stop campus sexual assault:

  • Find friends who will make three phone calls per month to stop campus sexual assault.
  • Engage parents of middle school students too. This is a tremendous opportunity for them to force change for significantly safer campuses by the time their children are in college.
  • It is not just about girls. Effective prevention practices teach boys about intervention and standing up to violence against women.
  • Email KHS@KeepHerSafe.org to receive the member kit, which includes the survey questions for admissions.

When we harness the power of parents in our communities, we can have a big impact to stop campus sexual assault.


Sheri Heitker Dixon is the founder of Keep Her Safe, a non-profit organization committed to making college campuses safe from sexual assault.

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